Piazza Navona - Trevi Fountain Rome apartment

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The most famous fountain in the world, built by the architect Salvi in 1735 under Clemente XII's pontificate. The sculptures that compose it, represent various events linked to the discovery of the spring itself. In the middle of the monumental set, that is situated on the fa├žade of a building, there is the statue of Ocean, represented on a shell shaped chariot, carried by winged horses. You can see among the other sculptures, the figures of tritons and sea-animals, mythological and real. The little square is probably the place in Rome which is most crowded with visitors, tens of thousands of visitors that every day visit the masterpiece to throw a coin into the basin, that, as the legend tells, guarantees that the tourist will return to Rome in his lifetime. This fountain became famous throughout the world also due to the scenes of the famous movie "La Dolce Vita" by Fellini.
Rome Trevi Fountain Apartment
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